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HACI 1.5 - hatch pattern generator

HACI (V. 1.5) is a LISP application for AutoCAD 2000-2012 and GstarCAD 2010-2012. It converts your drawing to hatch pattern, so you can easily convert your logos, symbols or patterns to hatches, which can be used in standard HATCH or BHATCH commands.

You can create specific hatch patterns such as stone facing, wood grains, roof tiles and many other.
Here are some examples of what you can do with HACI.

A library containing 96 hatch patterns is also available - Click here

Download the trial version
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Loading HACI

Load the application using the pull-down menu: Tools -> Load Application select the file haci.vlx. At the Command prompt, you can load the application using the AutoLISP function load:

Command: (load "haci")

The file haci.vlx must be in the AutoCAD support file search path.

Using HACI

Take any of your existing drawings, explode it to lines and fit it into a cell of 1x1 unit. Then launch the program using the command haci.

Enter a name and a description for your hatch pattern. Select the entities from the cell. HACI will process these entities according to the choosen precision.


The precision of calculus is affected by this value. The default value is 0.05. As the value is smaller, it is necessary more time for processing.


Only LINE entities are processed. Any 2D entity can be converted to LINEs. You must do this conversion before using HACI.
You have to use a 1x1 cell when draw the source. The source can also be smaller than 1x1 if the cells in the resulting hatch are independent.
If you use a pattern name that exists in the acad.pat file, the new definition will be ignored. You must first erase the old definition from the file.

Download the trial version (1.2) - works only with AutoCAD

The price of the full version: 20 EUR.

You can order the program by e-mail
or you can buy online.

What is the difference between the trial version and the full version?

Here is an example of a simple hatch pattern generated with both trial and full version of HACI:

As you can see, the two results are identical. But this is a simple pattern.
Now, see what we obtain when we want to create a more complex pattern:

The two results are very different. So, if you need to create hatch patterns like in the above image, you will need to buy the full version.

How can you purchase HACI online:

You can pay using PayPal:

After payment please send us an e-mail:

Pay using PayPal:

You will receive then the software by e-mail.

A hatch pattern library is also available.

Use HACEXT to capture an existing pattern from a certain drawing.