ICOSA ver. 1.5

ICOSA is an automation tool which will help the user to generate the structure of a geodesic dome.


Geodesic domes are fractional parts of geodesic spheres.

Geodesic spheres and domes come in various frequencies. The frequency of a dome relates to the number of smaller triangles into which it is subdivided. A high frequency dome has more triangular components and is more smoothly curved.

A one-frequency icosahedron consists of 20 equilateral triangles. It is the most useful polyhedron for dome building. Each vertex is at the same distance from the center of this polyhedron and is on the surface of an imaginary sphere.

Every of the original equilateral triangles can be divided up into smaller triangles. The basic triangle of the icosahedron (a face of icosahedron) has been broken up into four triangles. The side of the face has been divided into two, thus two frequency.






ICOSA is a program used to generate dome structures; it is written in AutoLISP and works under AutoCAD 2000-2005. The result is the structure of a dome home. The user can continue to design the dome using the standard AutoCAD 3D commands.

ICOSA will add a new toolbar to your AutoCAD.

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The above images represent example projects which was started with the structure generated using an older Icosa version.