HPAT 1.1 - hatch patterns for AutoCAD

HPAT is a library that contain 96 hatch patterns for AutoCAD. They can be used with the standard commands HATCH and BHATCH as 'Custom' patterns.

All these patterns are created using HACI. See details about HACI at www.arbeit.ro/haci.

Thanks to HatchPatterns.com for their assistance.

Here are some examples:

Stone_01 Stone_05 Stone_10 Wood_05 Wood_11 Wood_13
Map_01 Map_02 Map_03 Parq_01 Parq_02 Parq_03
Tile_01 Tile_09 Tile_03 Pat_11 Pat_12 Pebble_02

Download the demo version

The price of the full version is: 25 USD.

How can you purchase HPAT 1.1 online:

You can pay using your credit/debit card using the ClickBank services, or through PayPal:

Your payment is processed in real time, in a matter of seconds you will be given the location of a file containing the hatch pattern library - HPAT ver.1.1 (~ 280 kB).

Pay with Credit/Debit Card (Clickbank):

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Pay using PayPal:

You will receive then the software by e-mail.

You can also buy HPAT online at Cadopolis.com.

You can create yourself the patterns you need using HACI

Use HACEXT to capture an existing pattern from a certain drawing.

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